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Fresh off the Dock! (Updated 1/09/2015)

Monthly Twain-ism:

                    "The Secret of Getting Ahead, is Getting Started." Mark Twain
Happy New Year! Having returned from a wonderful trip up North with my dear friends in the DC area, I've had a bit of a slow start into 2015 as the dreaded flu followed me back to SoFl. Back on my feet with a vengeance - it's time to review 2014 and set my goals for the coming year with the intention of Living it to the Max :)

Saltwater Blog Daily Musings on just why this beautiful Life is for Living! I found my voice and I got something to say!  :) 

From the Galley  I've been a busy Girl in the Sugar Loaf Kitchens - the most recent culinary adventure took me to Greece! After visiting a wonderful Greek restaurant called Katarina's in Manassas, Virginia - I returned home needing a Gyro :) And who doesn't? (Need a Gyro, that is!) Freshly baked Pita's, creamy Tzatziki sauce and thin crispy slices of Shawarma meat all made from scratch, right there in your own Private Taverna - Ionian Pleasures...

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