life is for living!

About Me

Hi. Saltwaternurse here, my friends just call me Jane. Self proclaimed Hedonist, regular Procrastinator but otherwise decent person, I passionately believe that Life is for Living - so much so that it's become my abbreviated mission statement. Having been a card carrying member of the Human Race and also a Registered Nurse for several years now, I've noticed that many people are existing, not really living. (I now know the difference, as I have been one of them!) 

My goal here is to encourage and support the conscious act of living of life, to share experiences and to accept the power of Gratitude. (Forgive me if it sounds a bit granola, I don't like eating tree bark either but stick with me, there's a point to this!)

The difference between existing and living is often just Awareness. It has little to do with money, other people (though they do play a role in it) or genetics. It has everything to do with a person's ability to live in the moment and to allow their feelings and emotional responses to things, to be acknowledged and true. It's also a choice. It's choosing to be present in life. 
I Adore: Writing. Cooking. Friendship. Boats. Truth. Photography. Happiness. 

Things I'm not Fond Of: Fuckery. Fakery. Flakery. 

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